I am interested in all areas of contemporary normative political theory, with special interests in the following areas:
- theories of social/distributive justice and equality 
- liberalism and republicanism
- global justice
- political theory of the welfare state, property-owning democracy, and liberal/democratic socialism
- self-respect and other self-evaluative attitudes.

My work currently focuses on
- a book manuscript provisionally entitled "Justice and Egalitarian Relations". It develops a liberal relational egalitarian conception of social justice,  requiring equal non-domination and avoidance of inegalitarian norms of social status, and explores its implications for a range of institutional and policy fields, such as workplace regulation, and public health. 
- the moral status of economic liberties
- self-respect, and its role for different conceptions of autonomy 
- the value of social equality more broadly conceived. Part of this project has been a series of workshops on "Analysing Social Equality", co-convened with Emily McTernan, Martin O'Neill, and Fabian Schuppert.