Silja Häusermann is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Zurich in Switzerland, where she teaches classes on Swiss politics, comparative political economy, comparative politics and welfare state research.

Her research interests are in comparative politics and comparative political economy. More specifically, her current work deals with electoral and party system change and their impact on distributive policies in advanced post-industrial democracies; with the impact of the crisis on electoral and protest behavior; with the dualization of welfare states and labor markets; with changing conflict dimensions in distributive politics and with the sources of welfare state support in post-industrial societies.

Silja Häusermann is the author of "The Politics of Welfare Reform in Continental Europe. Modernization in Hard Times" has been published with Cambridge University Press in April 2010. She is also a co-editor of "The Age of Dualization. The Changing Face of Inequality in Deindustrializing Societies" (Oxford University Press 2012) and "The Politics of Advanced Capitalism" (Cambridge University Press, 2015). She has published on comparative welfare state analysis, public opinion and welfare states, and Europeanization of national politics in journals such as the Journal of Politics, European Journal of Political Research, the British Journal of Political Science, Socio-Economic Review, the Journal of European Social Policy and the Journal of European Public Policy.

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