I am interested both in applied and methodological issues in political theory.

As to former, I have worked on the relationship between institutions and social norms, the role of institutions in maintaining justice, and practice-dependent approaches to justice. I am currently mainly interested in issues of global socio-economic justice, with a particular focus on the interdependence between domestic and international concerns. My most recent research projects have focused on global institutional design, the normative implications of tax competition, the fate of labour standards in a globalized world, and the possibility of political action across borders. From 2012 to 2014, my research on global justice was supported by a Sofja Kovalelvskaja award.

As to the latter, I have special interests in the justification of normative principles, the methodology of constructivism, the role of moral intuitions in constructivism, and the legitimate scope of principles of justice. I currently hold a Leverhulme Research Fellowship to work on a monograph tentatively titled Constructing Justice.