Curriculum Vitae

Academic Positions
Assistant Professor in Public Policy, University of Ottawa (since 2011)
Lecturer in Political Science, University of Geneva (2010-2011)
Max Weber Fellow, European University Institute (2008-2010)
Lecturer in Political Science, University of Geneva (2007-2008)

Ph.D. in Political Science, University of Geneva and Sciences Po Grenoble 2007
M.A. in Political Science, University of Geneva and University of Lausanne 2002
B.A. in Political Science, University of Geneva 2000

Awards and Grants
2012 APSA Best Comparative Public Analysis Paper Award, co-recipient with Claire Annesley and Francesca Gains
2011 Carrie Chapman Catt Prize for Research on Women and Politics, co-recipient with Claire Annesley, Karen Beckwith, and Susan
Research Development Grant Competition, University of Ottawa (2011)
Annual Competition for Methods-Related Projects, University of Manchester, co-recipient with Claire Annesley and Francesca Gains (2010)
Research Fellowship, Swiss Science National Foundation (2009-2010)
Max Weber Fellowship, European University Institute, Florence (2008-2009)
Women Researcher Award, University of Geneva (2006)
Dissertation Grant, Doctoral School in Gender Studies, Switzerland (2005)
Award for best BA in Comparative Politics University of Geneva (2001)

Professional activities and service
Co-Convener of the European Consortium for Political Research Standing Group on Gender and Politics (since 2011)
Co-Chair of the Council for European Studies Research Network on Gender and
Sexuality Studies (since 2012)
Member of the Gender Equality Committee, University of Geneva (2005-2008)
Co-chair of the Research colloquium, Department of Political Science, University of Geneva (2003-2006)
Member of the Publication Committee, Department of Political Science, University of Geneva (2007-2008)

Conferences, Workshops and Panels
3nd ECPR European Conference on Politics and Gender, March 2013, Barcelona (co-convener)
« Genre et politiques publiques », September 2006, Geneva (co-convener)
“Public Agendas and Democratic Responsiveness”, July 2013, French Political Science Association Conference, Paris (co-convener)
“Promoting Methodological Innovation for the Analysis of Gender Policy Change”, March 2012, Manchester (co-convener)
“National Dynamics of Policy Change and Performance”, MPSA Annual Conference, April 2012 (discussant)
“The Success and Pitfall of Promoting Diversity”, CES Annual Conference, March 2012, Boston (co-convener)
“Comparative Policy Agendas”, 2011 Comparative Policy Agendas Conference, June 2011, Catania (discussant)
“Gender and Executive Leadership”, 2011 ECPR Research Sessions, May 2011,
Florence (co-convener)
"Substantive Representation and Gender", 2011 MPSA Annual Conference, Chicago, March 2011 (discussant)
"Sexuality and the State: Comparative Perspectives", European Conference on  Politics and Gender, Budapest, January 2011 (co-convener)
“Gender Quotas and Policy”, 2010 APSA Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., September 2010 (discussant)
“Dynamics of Policy Agenda”, 2010 Comparative Policy Agendas Conference, Seattle, June 2010 (discussant)
“The Dynamics of Morality Issues in Europe”, ECPR 2011 Workshop Joint Sessions, Mùˆnster, April 2010 (co-director)
“Welfare State Working Group”, European University Institute, March 2010
“Substantive Representation: Getting to Gender Equality Policies”, 2010 MPSA
Annual Conference, Chicago, April 2010 (discussant)
“Le genre et les politiques publiques: Un dialogue croisé”, French Political Association Conference, September 2009, Grenoble (Co-director)
“Explaining Sex Equality Policy”, 2009 APSA Annual Meeting, Toronto, September 2009 (discussant)
“Towards a Theory of Capitalist Entrepreneurship”, European University Institute, April 2009 (co-convener)