I am interested in all areas of contemporary normative political theory, with special interests in the following areas:
- theories of social/distributive justice and equality 
- liberalism and republicanism
- the intersection of political theory and political economy: welfare states, workplace democracy, and wage justice 
- self-respect and other self-evaluative attitudes
- international and global justice, including political theory of the EU.

I have supervised, or am supervising, doctoral students in political philosophy in most of these areas, and some others. My supervision interests are not limited to my research specialisms. If you are considering applying to the University of Manchester for doctoral studies in political philosophy, you can get in touch here.

My work currently focuses on
- wages and wage regulation -  focusing on wages as expressing social respect and esteem, and (economic) citizenship. This comes out of an ISRF Political Economy Fellowship I held in 2021/22; 
-  liberal and republican approaches to workplace democracy;
-  social class and theories of relational equality, seeking to connect recent sociological approaches to social class to the latter.

Justice and Egalitarian Relations develops a liberal conception of relational equality, which understands equal non-domination and prevention of inegalitarian norms of social status as stringent demands of social justice, and explores its implications for political equality, distributive justice, and health and healthcare.