I am interested in all areas of contemporary normative political theory, with special interests in the following areas:
- theories of social/distributive justice and equality 
- liberalism and republicanism
- global justice
- political theory of the welfare state, property-owning democracy, and workplace and economic democracy;
- self-respect and other self-evaluative attitudes.

My work currently focuses on
- self-respect, and its role for different conceptions of autonomy 
- liberal and republican justifications of workplace democracy
- the value of social equality more broadly conceived and the relevance of contemporary sociological theories and accounts of social class for it. 

My monograph Justice and Egalitarian Relations is in production at Oxford University Press (US). It develops a liberal conception of relational equality, which understands equal non-domination and egalitarian norms of social status as stringent demands of social justice, and explores its implications for political equality, distributive justice, and health and health care.