I am interested in democracy, European integration, and inequality in political representation (e.g. gender). My empirical research on representation in Europe and the European Union (EU) draws on democratic theory and models of political representation.

I received my Habilitation for the venia docendi in Political Science and Political Sociology from the University of Salzburg (2017) and my Doctorate in Political Science from the University of Vienna (2009). I also hold postgraduate degrees from the Institute of Advanced Studies (Politics and European Integration, 2007) in Vienna, the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna (Advanced International Studies, 2004), and the College of Europe in Bruges (European Political and Administrative Studies, 2003). Besides politics, I hold a degree in Theatre Studies from the Philosophy School of the University of Athens (2002).

Currently, I am Associate Professor of Comparative Politics at the Department of Political Science of the University of Salzburg (on parental leave 11/2016-2/2018) and I am affiliated with the European Governance and Politics Program of the Robert Schuman for Advanced Studies in Florence. Prior to Salzburg, I was a Jean Monnet and Max Weber Fellow (2013-2015) at the European University Institute in Florence. I have also conducted research at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the GESIS-Leibniz Institute in Cologne, Stanford University, and the University of Vienna.

In Salzburg, I teach introductory and advanced seminars in Comparative Politics such as Political Participation, Parties and Party Systems, Inequality and Political Representation and Gender, Society and Politics. I have also offered courses on:  the Basic Concepts of Political Science and Sociology (European University Institute, Florence 2015); the Europeanization of political parties; EU Institutions, the Austrian Political System and the EU; Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in EU research (University of Vienna 2006-2011).

I supervise BA, MA and PhD projects in the fields of European Studies, Comparative Politics and Gender Studies.

Google Scholar Profile: Zoe Lefkofridi