Compelling the Weak: Coercion and Counter-Coercion in Asymmetric Conflict

This book project sets out a new theory of compellence that emphasizes compellence as a dynamic process of strategic interaction and pays particular attention to counter-coercion by the opponent. Although the theory developed builds on Martijn's Ph.D. thesis, the book expands the Ph.D. thesis in two different ways. First, the book will provide a more elaborate (formal) model of compellence that includes a number of additional variables. Second, the book will test the argument developed against a much wider set of cases that includes a substantial number of cases involving asymmetric conflict.

The research design underpinning the book project consists of a combination of (formal) theoretical analysis, case studies, probit and logistic regression analysis, and fuzzy set Qualitative Comparative Analysis. By conducting statistical analyses and large-N comparative analysis the external validity of the argument is thoroughly tested. Moreover, by combining these methods with case studies, a detailed examination of causal processes and causal interaction between multiple variables is possible.

Martijn is currently constructing the data bases needed to carry out additional testing of his argument. He plans to have completed this book project by late 2012, with submission of a book proposal to prestigious academic presses planned for late 2011.