I am a health economist with research interests in the determinants of health behavior, outcomes, and inequality.

As a research economist in the Diet, Safety, and Health Economics Branch of the Food Economics Division at USDA's Economic Research Service, my main research agenda is to examine the roles that information and prices play in determining dietary behavior and diet-related health.

My current ERS-USDA work program includes researching:

  1. The effects of restaurant menu labeling regulations on use of calorie information on menus and daily calorie intake;
  2. The impacts of soda taxes on daily calorie and sugar intake;
  3. Whether initial health conditions contribute to racial gaps in childhood obesity; and
  4. How much the intake of artificial trans fats declined in the U.S.A. over a period when a national mandate to disclose trans fat content on food packages and subnational restaurant "trans fat bans" were implemented.

My prior research has been published in peer-reviewed economics and public health journals. For a copy of my CV, please click here.